Peserico interprets the iron-themed Origini FW23 collection through the essentiality of Giovanni Pinosio's works

Donna con maglione e gonna a pieghe

donna con cardigan lana a righe e pantaloni bianchi

donna con maglione e gonna lana grigio e piumino gilet bianco

due donne vestite Peserico in grigio e bianco maglieria e pantaloni

Just as the iron modeled by the artist Giovanni Pinosio gives life to essential sculptures of great impact, the precious Peserico yarns create sweaters with refined taste and contemporary aesthetics.
Iron becomes the symbol of a determined aesthetic that celebrates with its shades an elegance that crosses the eras, a canon of beauty indelible over time. Pinosio, a young Venetian artist, creates wire sculptures capable of expressing dynamism and character, works that become the means to enhance the design of Peserico garments and convey new suggestions.


uomo con giacca marrone e pantaloni bianchi peserico

donna con maglione crop beige e pantaloni oversize verdi Peserico

 donna con pantaloni grigi e gilet trapuntato bianco Peserico

 coppia donna uomo vestiti Peserico con scultura Pinosio

 Peserico chooses the creations of Giovanni Pinosio to enhance the FW23 ORIGINS-Iron collection, in which bodies and objects are outlined as in a three-dimensional drawing, embroidering the air around the observer. The artist and the brand share the ability to create refined shapes and volumes, giving life to harmonious lines that intertwine to give rise to unique and special creations.