Riccardo Peruffo, CEO and Creative Director of the brand Peserico, was born in 1974 in Valdagno, a town next to Vicenza known for its centuries-old wool manufacturing. Riccardo, son of Giuseppe Peruffo and Maria Peserico - founders of the Peserico Company - as a child learns about the world of clothing, living personally and intensely the life of a tailoring lab that in those years becomes a modern and structured Company. Thanks to his family, Riccardo is trained to favor the "well done" job, that means to give a particular attention to quality and to details that, over time, becomes a peculiar trait of his character. It is a design approach that is able to look with interest to the most avant-garde perspective of the fashion world through the testing of fabrics, cuts, shapes and prints. This style concept wants to turn first of all to a woman, whose personality is independent and sensible. Riccardo works in an artistic and creative way together with his wife Paola Gonella, who also plays an essential role in the design dept. He combines pretty well the creative job to the managerial task that he has in the brand’s strategic choices.

This role leads him to consolidate in first person an aspect that he considers all along a “must-have”: the development of all those manufacturing processes that nowadays allow the Company to offer a real and complete Made in Italy. Peserico gives also much importance to investments oriented to the local know-how’s development. Even if Riccardo goes against the flow compared with many major competitors, he is extremely sure that the best investment ever is “rely on the inimitable Italian tradition”.