Women's Dresses

Modern pieces go along with classic silhouettes to be elegant and classy for all occasions.


Peserico Outfits interpret traditional Italian tailoring with attention to detail and materials for a collection of Women's Outfits that are perfect for any occasion. Shop our luxury Women’s Dresses inspired by the colours of nature.

Women's Outfits and Dresses: pastel shades and soft lines

Classic shapes that combine with more modern pieces for a Women’s Dress Collection Made in Italy to be elegant on any occasion. Shop the natural fibres as interpreted by traditional Italian tailoring for Elegant Women's Outfits that never forego soft lines.

At our online Boutique you can choose and order all Types from the Women's Collection directly, in just a few clicks: Outfits, Dresses Choose Confezioni Peserico for your next look, Made in Italy. Shop online in complete security and receive your order at home or in your nearest shop.