Lieta Naccari

Freedom is one of the values that has inspired Peserico since its origins.

The brand has chosen to convey its concept of freedom through a woman who fully embodies this timeless value: Lieta Naccari.

A mezzo-soprano, vocal coach and music influencer, Lieta is a woman with a natural style, a harmony that goes beyond her melodious voice.

She defines herself as a cross-media artist: her repertoire ranges from lyrical-contemporary to pop-lyric crossover.  From concert halls to theatres, from TV to cinema: Lieta embraces change and contamination, interpreting her music in ever new ways.

Discover the interview with Lieta Naccari


Lieta Naccari Peserico


When was your love for music born?

It was born one evening at the cinema, when I was literally thunderstruck by Giuseppe Tornatore's The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean. Nothing could better convey the absolute love for Music, the dedication, the passion. From that moment on, these feelings have been part of me and have become my life choice, my job.


How did your journey begin?

I started with the piano, then I chose to complete my training in singing, at the Conservatory of Venice. I specialised at the Opera Studio of the Santa Cecilia Academy in Rome with the famous soprano Renata Scotto, a great honour. Thanks to this training, singing is my passion and my profession. Mine is a robust training that is also continuous training: it never stops.


Do you remember your debut?

What I remember with most pleasure is my 'heartfelt' debut on the stage of La Fenice, with my performance at La Cavalchina event alongside the very famous singer-songwriter Rufus Wainrigh: I literally performed in honour of the frescoes, it was an immense joy.


Lieta Naccari Peserico


You call yourself a cross-media artist. What does that mean?

My music crosses genres and contaminates them. In my career I have ranged from operatic to lyrical-contemporary repertoire to pop-lyric crossover. I happily move between swing, jazz and bossa nova, also with my ensemble 'Musica in Frac’.


Your career is full of different experiences: do you like experimenting?

Without experimentation, art and music would not exist. Freedom is my guiding value: I love feeling free to express myself, to change, to explore new worlds, new sounds.I have performed in theatres, concert halls, but also in exclusive locations for luxury events of international importance, I have taken up the television challenge of Tu sì que Vales and participated in the episode of Fratelli di Crozza dedicated to Me Too. And then again the Cinema, I took care of the soundtrack for the film Sulle mie spalle by Antonello Bellucco, dedicated to Father Leopoldo Mandic.


Your eclecticism is combined with great tenacity. What is the real Lieta Naccari?

I really like to portray the image of my name, Lieta. I have a positive and smiling attitude towards life, and maybe that is why I never give up, I always try to improve myself.I continue to study - my fantastic coach is Elisabetta Tandura - but also to build a more complete, stronger professionalism. This is why I decided to graduate in Creativity and Communication Design, a path that has given me great satisfaction and given me new tools to manage my profession.


Lieta Naccari Peserico


What would you like to tell the new generation coming into music?

As a vocal coach, I try to convey to my students that you can pursue a dream, a passion even if it seems a bit out of the ordinary, with courage, love, determination. Without ever forgetting yourself.


You have a natural elegance. What style do you recognise yourself in?

I deeply love fashion, I always choose clothes I feel comfortable in. I prefer precious and enveloping fabrics, such as silk and linen, and the colour palette of the earth, warm and sunny.


What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom is much more than a word, it is a choice and the greatest value in life. Being and feeling free is an achievement that comes from a great passion, respect for myself and for those around me. It is joy but also commitment, it is choice but also duty, it is acceptance and sometimes it is renunciation.


Lieta Naccari Peserico


Special thanks to Progetto Musica of Valdagno and Teatro Comunale di Thiene.